"I will always be thankful for the work and thinking you did with us to introduce us to rapid prototyping. It really helped us create a good framework for feedback."

Julia Hutchins
Colorado HealthOP

"Michael did an absolutely exceptional job on the QORA wholesale ordering web application. His human factors engineering proficiency and skills were invaluable and he created a great team spirit with his professionalism and leadership abilities. We would really have been lost without him!"

Wendy Sticka
Project Manager
Qwest Communications

"As always you provide excellent design solutions which effectively address complex problems. The engineering web app designs are superb!"

Jeff Hansen
Staff IT Systems Engineer

"Michael has contributed unique value to Oracle and demonstrated tremendous leadership with cross-functional teams, exceeding the expectations of the Director of Modern Marketing Best Practices, for example with his innovative interactive user flows for email marketing. He presents his compelling interaction designs and insightful research findings with utter confidence, while demonstrating keen and attentive listening, and maintaining a consistently professional and serene manner. Michael is a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend him for any project requiring user experience expertise."

Margaret Brown
Senior Manager, User Experience

"With his unique expertise, Michael takes product design and marketing to a new level, driving long term growth in revenue and brand value by cultivating deeper, more authentic, product adoption. With his help, high tech products not only offer delightful user experiences, but go further, earning intense loyalty by becoming trusted catalysts for users' highest abilities and best selves."

Karren Madson
Director of Product Management

"Michael Siepmann offers a creative and unique blend of technological expertise, human insight, and awareness of research in psychology, human factors, and behavioral economics. His talent for designing effective and meaningful user experiences is enhanced by his superb listening skills, aesthetic sensibilities, and introspective, compassionate disposition."

Barbara Gault, Ph.D.
Executive Director and Vice President
Institute for Women's Policy Research

"The benefits of working with Michael are very clear in our results: Positive user experience and insights that help us prioritize future product features.  Delivering a great user experience is very important to us, but before working with Michael, we were unsure how best to get user feedback.  With Michael's expert guidance, we are now regularly experimenting, testing, measuring, and improving our product."

Tom Bartel
Co-founder & COO
<a name="Jennifer Lee Carlson (March 2018)">

"You did a fantastic job with the project and the report. I really appreciate the way you dug into the tool to learn it, drove the definition of the test cases, managed all the demands and expectations, and applied best practices."

Jennifer Lee Carlson (March 2018)
User Experience Manager
Cisco Systems

"I have contracted with Michael Siepmann on a number of engagements. In every case, I have been extremely impressed by his thoughtfulness, professionalism, and insight into complex business problems. Michael genuinely seeks to understand the customer's needs, and his recommendations are well thought out. In particular, his leadership and acumen are second to none, as he goes well beyond the answers I anticipate, providing solutions that sometimes surprise me but consistently deliver exceptional results. I look forward to opportunities to work with Michael again!"

Jesse Kohler
Director, Product Management

"Michael Siepmann was one of the best doctoral students I ever advised. He did everything well and was recognized with a prestigious Javits Fellowship, only a few of which are given out. He is especially good with computers and statistics and is one of only two students who have ever got ahead of me in knowledge of essential tools that I use. We co-authored a chapter on how to use JavaScript for questionnaire studies on the World Wide Web—at a time when we were almost the only ones doing this. Michael is also thoughtful, well organized, and dependable."

Jonathan Baron, Ph.D.
Professor of Psychology
University of Pennsylvania